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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"A beacon of hope"

The Washington Times has a compelling story about an Iraqi army officer who lost the use of his legs after a bullet severed his spinal cord during an attack. The injured officer, a 28 year-old Captain named Furat, has been an inspiration to others during his recovery at a U.S. Air Force hospital in Iraq.
A decorated officer with the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Brigade of the 5th Iraqi Army Division -- also known as the Tiger Battalion -- based at Camp Falloc, 54 miles northeast of Baghdad, Capt. Furat loves Iraq and fought its enemies with a passion that won praise from American and Iraqi troops.

Not nearly enough credit is given to the thousands of Iraqis who risk life and limb to serve in their new government's security and military forces; their sacrifices are often ignored by the American media. The Iraqis fighting alongside the U.S. military against those who would destroy their country's chance at freedom should be remembered and honored for their bravery.

(Via Michael Yon)


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