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Friday, March 09, 2007

Thailand in the cross-hairs

Yesterday PJM's Australia editor, Richard Fernandez, analyzed the Islamic insurgency in Thailand, a subject that I wrote a post about just last week:
Their present tactical objectives seem to be to radicalize the local Muslim population, to promote feelings of Islamic solidarity and Islamic consciousness, to create a mental and emotional divide between the Muslims and the non-Muslims, mainly the Buddhists, and to prepare the ground for a sustained jihad.

A commenter on Fernandez's article provides additonal background, and offers this grim assessment of the situation: "Thai Buddhists cling to the misconception that Islam is a religion of peace, and they point to the tiny, superficially tranquil Muslim community in Bangkok as proof. The future may come as a bloody shock to the Thais. Thailand is in the cross-hairs, and if it takes two hundred years, it will be purged of its major religion (which the Koran teaches is 'worse than carnage') and become host to a flood of immigrants from the south."

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