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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

International "asylum"

How good it is that we are soon to be rid of that incompetent jackass at the United Nations, Kofi Annan. His execrable valedictory op-ed in yesterday's WaPo encapsulates everything wrong with his tenure as the UN's Secretary General - his bleating for "accountability" even after he and others in the UN did everything they could to obstruct any accountability in the Oil for Food scandal; his decrying of genocide without a single mention of the UN's disgraceful and deadly inaction in Rwanda and Srebrenica; his facile statements about "respect for human rights" even though under his tenure paragons of liberty such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba ascended to the UN's Commission on Human Rights, and his chastising of the United States for being "aloof", even as the U.S. is spending enormous blood and treasure around the world to fight an existential struggle against a fascist anti-democratic ideology. One of Kofi's lasting legacies will be the $2 billion boondoggle for the "renovation" of the UN complex in New York. Guess who will be forced to pony up the bulk of that $2 billion? Those "aloof" Americans, of course.

Just one of the many gems from Kofi's piece: "Developing countries should have a stronger voice in international financial institutions". Sure Kofi, by all means lets give corrupt third-world kleptocrats the keys to the international vault. Brilliant.

Thirty years ago Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the Democratic Senator who formerly served as our UN Ambassador, described the United Nations as "a theater of the absurd, a decomposing corpse, and an insane asylum." Nothing has changed in three decades, although at least the asylum is about to lose its leading inmate.


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