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Monday, December 18, 2006

Bali redux?

Last month Indian intelligence warned of a possible al-Qaeda plot in the resort area of Goa, patterned after the horrific nightclub bombings in Bali in 2002:

A few weeks ago the Union Home Ministry issued a terror alert warning of Bali-like bombing in Goa, and the danger it seems is far from over.

Sources tell NDTV that two Al-Qaeda terrorists, an Algerian and a Yemeni, carried out a recce and dry runs of attacks in Goa some time ago and are likely to return and carry out an attack, possibly with help from modules in India.

Sources say that the two terrorists conducted recces of Goa's beaches and even dry runs for attacks on popular hotels and nightclubs like Tito's and Cabana.

Their likely targets are tourists from Israel and Western Europe.

Now Israel's government is telling its citizens to get the hell out of Goa:
Thousands of Israelis visiting the popular Indian resort of Goa, many of them freshly out of the army, have been urged to return home immediately amid warnings of an al-Qaida terrorist plot.
Yet despite the warnings from Israel and from India's own intelligence services, the local government is downplaying the threat:
Chief Minister Pratapsing Rane has dismissed Al Qaeda threat to Goa and assured that the State “is safe for tourists and stringent security measures were in place to protect them. The authorities have taken all possible steps to ensure security...There is no reason to fear.
No no, musn't scare the tourists - especially at the height of the tourist season. As the Jawa Report (which is banned in India, by the way) says, "Word of advice to India: Israeli intelligence is perhaps the best in the world. When they give you a warning, take it."


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