MoonDawg's Den: Ernesto going to Narlins?

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ernesto going to Narlins?

Tropical Storm Ernesto looks to become a Cat. 1 hurricane by early Monday morning as it passes near the Cayman Islands. Dave over at StormCARIB says Ernesto may be following in the fatal footsteps of Katrina:

As I mentioned last night,the worst case scenario was the very hostile upper level wind shear south and east of Jamaica moving off to the west, allowing for Ernesto to survive and eventually strengthen to at least Category 3 status with an ultimate target along the Gulf Coast. This unfortunately, appears to be the situation at this time with a possible strike in the same area as Katrina just one year ago.
The 2006 hurricane season has been quiet so far, but that couldn't last forever. Folks on the MS and LA Gulf coasts should already be keeping a close eye on Ernesto and making their preparations. Are you listening, Mayor Nagin?

UPDATE: It looks like Ernesto is headed to southern Florida instead, hopefully as no more than a Cat. 1 hurricane. The bad news is that the Georgia/Carolina coast may be under threat later this week - but it certainly won't be the monster storm that the region is long overdue for.


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