MoonDawg's Den: Runoff Roundup, Part Deux

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Runoff Roundup, Part Deux

Yesterday we took a look at blogger commentary surrounding the runoff election between Jihad Cindy and Hank whats-his-name. Now lets check out the reax from some of the same bloggers regarding McKinney's richly earned thrashing at the ballot box (most of the lefty blogs are strangely silent on the 4th District result):

As one would expect, Dignan is happy as a clam: "I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Big thanks go out to all who responded to all of my email to go out and vote for Hank Johnson today. Also, a big thanks to all the other blogs that linked here and for all the great readers and commenters."

Captain's Quarters: "Stick a fork in McKinney; she's done."

Red State is moved to burst into song: "Na-na na-na, na-na na-naaa, wey-ehh-hey, go-od-byye."

Code Red Women for the Troops bids Cindy a not-so-fond farewell: "So long you whackjob!"

At RedBlueChristian there is sage analysis reposted from KLo at The Corner: “I guess tonight’s lesson is that you can be politically and ideologically insane and be a Dem candidate (Lamont) but not be personally insane (McKinney)”

The Political Spectrum sheds no tears for Rep. Moonbat: "Cynthia McKinney is a disgrace, and it's good to see her get the boot."

On the other hand, the Bullwinkle Blog is missing McKinney already: "What are conservative bloggers going to do for material now?"

From On High is also pining away for Cindy: "Today is a sad day. Never again will we be treated to assaults on law enforcement officers in the Capitol building nor will we be entertained with talk about how whitey is the root cause of all America's ills (well, I guess we still have the NAACP ...)"

The African American Political Pundit, apparently unaware that Hank Johnson is a Jew-sponsored Republican stooge (at least according to Tahoma Activist), takes heart in the fact that McKinney and Johnson have similar policy stances: "McKinney was defeated but Hank Johnson is no conservative and no Bush kiss-up"

Dem centerist Donkey Digest berates those who led McKinney down the path to moonbat madness: "...the far left who encouraged her maddening descent into the tin foil hat realm share a reponsibility for her lose. But even now, they’re looking for gremlins in the voting machines and Republican conspiracies to hang her loss on."

But Daisy Cutter places more of blame on Cindy herself: "Cynthia McKinney lost, proving that a blank look and the ability to hit police officers with impunity will only get you so far."

Finally, Power Line recalls Cynthia's defining moonbat moment: "Among the many lowlights of McKinney's congressional career, this one should not be forgotten, ever: "McKinney reopens 9/11: Conspiracy theories implicating president aired at 8-hour hearing.""

And what do I think? I tend to agree with Bullwinkle - conservative bloggers are going to miss Rep. McKinney - she was the gift that kept on giving.


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