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Monday, August 14, 2006

A disconnect with reality

Today Michael Barone has an insightful piece (read the whole thing) about the Left's reaction to the airliner terrorist plot that was revealed last Thursday, noting that many Leftists are unable or unwilling to grasp the reality of the existential threat that transnational Islamic fundamentalism poses to the West:
What we are looking at here is cognitive dissonance. The mindset of the Left blogosphere is that there's no real terrorist threat out there. We wouldn't have any serious problem if we'd just do something different -- raise the minimum wage or reduce the number without health insurance (the first issue Lamont mentioned on election night), withdraw from Iraq or (as some Left bloggers suggest) sell out Israel.
Barone goes on to rightfully mock Ned Lamont, the millionaire moonbat who beat out Sen. Joe Lieberman for the Democratic nomination last Tuesday in the CT primary:
As for Lamont, on victory night he mentioned his policy to handle the nuclear threat posed by Iran: We should "bring in allies" and "use carrots as well as sticks." He evidently failed to notice that we deputized Britain, France and Germany to negotiate with Iran for three years and that Iran has been offered plenty of carrots and has not been threatened with many sticks. Once again, a disconnect with reality.
This disconnect has been apparent to anyone who has paid attention to the rhetoric of the far Left over the last few years. Such stupidity was of little concern as long as it remained on the fringes, but now it threatens to become the dominant mindset of the national Democratic party.

Such is my disgust with the free-spending Republican party that for the past few months I'd been considering sitting out the November election. Now I've come to understand that doing so would be irresponsible - it becomes more and more apparent that the Democratic party's national leadership cannot be entrusted with our national security - therefore sitting out the election would very nearly be an act of suicide.


  • "sitting out the election would very nearly be an act of suicide."

    Come on, Garry. That's gross hyperbole, and you know it. Frankly, I'm disgusted by how both parties are handling the airliner terrorist plot in Britain. It's not a political issue. The left is saying, "the Republicans are politicizing the issue, and that's wrong," and the right is saying, "be afraid of those Democrats because they want the terrorists to win (or at least don't care if they do)." Both of these statements are political crap. The right-wing doesn't have all the answers to national security just like the left doesn't have all the answers to domestic policy. I'm to the point of quoting Mercutio: "A plague on both [their] houses."

    Trust me, voting Democratic or failing to vote in the November election will not be an act of suicide, but nice try at the fear rhetoric. I almost wet myself.


    By Blogger Jeff, At 12:26 AM, August 15, 2006  

  • Of course the right doesn't have all the answers on security issues, who does? But at least the right comprehends what the question is - unlike leftists such as Lamont, who displays utter ignorance of recent history.

    Here's the key difference between the parties at this point: the right understands that there is an Islamofascist threat. The left? They are too busy carping at Bush for daring to call Islamofascists, well, Islamofascists.

    Therefore I don't think it is stretching things too much to say that it would be fatal, in the most literal sense, to allow people who are completely unserious about confronting the global Jihadist movement to control our national security policy.

    By Blogger Garry, At 7:14 AM, August 15, 2006  

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