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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Runoff Roundup

Much to the relief of embarrassed Georgians (including me), it looks like Rep. Cynthia McKinney is going to get her moonbat butt kicked in today's Democratic runoff. Although almost all of the political blog world is focused on the Senate primary in Connecticut, there is some interesting blog commentary on the District 4 runoff here in Jaw-juh:

Dignan, the Atlanta blogger who seriously considered running against McKinney before Hank Johnson entered the fray, is liveblogging today's race. His latest update: "1:48PM - The McKinney campaign is already panicking. Her website is reporting voting irregularities and intimidation of McKinney supporters. Some things are as predictable as the rising of the sun."

Captain's Quarters dissects some boneheaded reporting from the LA Times (who'da thunk it), and then hits it on the head: "McKinney has a history of irrational behavior, and her district had tired of it before. It looks like they have tired of it for good. They want reasonable and rational representation, not a nutcase who slugs police officers and insists that George Bush helped plot the 9/11 attacks. At the very least, they'd like to have a representative who actually shows up for votes."

Red State reminds us of Poppa McKinney's impersonation of a drunken Mel Gibson: "The numbers still favor a Johnson win, and Cynthia McKinney has proved beatable in the past, losing the 2002 primary to fellow Democrat Denise Majette. Her father, Billy McKinney, attributed that loss to the fact that “Jews have bought everybody. Jews. J-E-W-S.”

Six Meat Buffet is distraught about McKinney facing defeat: "We NEED Jihad Cindy in the U.S. House of Reps. We NEED the standard bearer of ignorant, race-baiting liberal politics to be there for us when things get slow. Whether she’s slugging a cop and getting away with it because she’s a liberal female black politician, or getting on her knees in front of the Saudi royal family hoping to get showered with a face-full of 9/11 money, WE NEED HER."

Code Red Women for the Troops makes the case for justified assaults on police officers: "I don't know why everyone can't let Cynthia McKninny get past the incident in which she belted a Capitol Hill police officer. I mean...What is a woman to do when she is grabbed from behind?"

Tahoma Activist thinks Hank Johnson is a Republican plant who is financed by - you guessed it - the J-E-W-S: "The Republican Party has put up a weak-ass "Democrat" to go against McKinney in the Primary, and AIPAC and other Israel lobbying firms have ponied up a boatload of cash for his campaign."

RedBlueChristian, like Six Meat Buffet, is hoping that McKinney can pull out a win: "Who would you rather have representing the Dems in Congress – a somewhat stiff but sane Hank Johnson who might actually help the Dems pass their agenda, or a completely wacko Cynthia McKinney who marginalizes herself and her party every time she opens her mouth?"

Josh Morgan at IntenseDebate doesn't care much for Hank Johnson, but he beats the alternative: "I don’t particularly espouse Johnson’s politics including his want to punish corporations for “windfall” profits and the artificial heightening of gas mileage standards. I do believe he is an honorable candidate and will conduct himself in a more respectful manner than McKinney."

From the Mind of Smitty we get a grocery list of Rep. McKinney's positions on the issues. For example, we learn that she is "For Peace and Justice". Meaning that Hank Johnson is not for that?

Virginia Patriot at Don't Vote Democrat gets in a plug for Republican Catherine Davis, who will be running against the winner of today's primary in the 4th District: "Georgia voters should consider Catherine Davis as an alternative to McKinney in November." Yeah sure, and Hassan Nasrallah should consider making a run for a seat in the Knesset.


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