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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Political Compass

I just took a political test, and I found the results interesting. My graph puts me as more of a social libertarian/economic moderate instead of a true liberal. Wow.

Go here to take the test. How did it turn out?

GARRY ADDS: Here's my graph, it's about what I expected - center right.



  • I was right, smack in the middle of the left-bottom quadrant.

    Right next to ghandi.

    Heh heh. I'm so cool.

    just kidding. I think that if you need a quiz to find out what you believe and to compare to others, you've got some thinking to do.

    But they're really fun, and sometimes they're food for thought.

    By Blogger NoSurfGirl, At 12:24 AM, February 10, 2007  

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