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Monday, January 22, 2007

A Travesty

An AP story lists the "major players" in Scooter Libby's perjury trial. By Richard Armitage's name we see this:

The judge wants to avoid bogging the trial down on who was responsible for leaking Plame's identity.

Say waaaa?? Finding out who was responsible for leaking Plame's name was how this whole fiasco started. Lefties like my friend Jeff considered the leak to be one of the most damaging security breaches in the annals of espionage, and any number of moonbats out there claimed the leak was nothing less than an act of treason. But now the only criminal prosecution to arise from the investigation of the leak is not going to focus on the leaker in any way?

President Bush should end this travesty and pardon Libby. Right. Frigging. Now.

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  • Libby isn't on trial for leaking Plame's name. He's on trial for lying to investigators and to the grand jury. That's still a crime, isn't it? (Just ask Martha Stewart)

    Don't worry, Bush will pardon Libby eventually.

    If you're interested, Slate has a pretty good wrap-up of the opening statements.

    By Anonymous Jeff, At 4:26 PM, January 24, 2007  

  • Oh yes it's a crime - if he intentionally lied instead of simply misremembering the sequence of his myriad conversations with reporters. Actually I have been reading the Slate coverage; defense counsel Wells seems to be doing a good job so far: if Libby is guilty of lying to the FBI and the GJ, then so are the prosecution witnesses, Grossman and Grenier.

    By Blogger Garry, At 1:50 PM, January 25, 2007  

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