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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Art imitates un-PC reality

While I was watching "24" on TV last evening I started to brace myself for the onslaught we shall see in the coming weeks of outraged leftist PC police excoriating the show for having the temerity to portray some Muslims as terrorists intent on killing Americans. Never mind that the show also had Muslim characters who were trying to prevent the terrorist atrocities; in PC Land there are no bad Muslims, only "deeply paranoid" Americans.

Of course, what can one expect when there are so many leftists who cannot or will not recognize that militant radical Islam poses an existential threat to Western democratic society? They refuse to abide such a notion in real life, let alone on a TV drama.

Obviously the vast, overwhelming majority of Muslims reject violence and deplore the ideology of al-Qaeda and other radical terror groups. But the incontrovertible fact remains that while not all Muslims are Jihadists, all Jihadists are Muslims. Sometimes reality isn't as politically correct as we'd like it to be, but there are many followers of Islam who wish to "kill the Americans", and pretending otherwise isn't going to make the threat go away.

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