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Friday, July 14, 2006

Iran in the fray?

The Israel-Hezbollah war continued today, with more air strikes by Israel and more rocket attacks by Hezbollah. Pajamas Media has a great roundup of all the media and blog coverage.

Meanwhile over at the Counterterrorism Blog, Bill Roggio reports that the long-range missiles which struck the city of Haifa yesterday were Iranian made. The Iranian rocket, known as the Raad 1, has a range of up to 90 miles - whereas most of the rockets in Hezbollah's arsenal have a range of only a few miles. Moreover, according to Roggio, these longer-range weapons are under the direct command and control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in Lebanon. The IRGC is an "elite Qods Force (Iran's version of special forces) funds, trains and arms Hezbollah in Lebanon, with the assistance of Syria." If more Raad attacks are launched deep into Israel, then Iran is directly responsible.

Roggio's post references a Time magazine article entitled "Will Hizballah Go To War for Iran?". We know the answer to that one; now the question is "will Iran go to war for Hezbollah?"


  • Iran and Syria. If you want a laugh, check this out:,,31200-bush_170706,00.html

    By Anonymous Alex, At 12:20 PM, July 17, 2006  

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