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Friday, July 07, 2006

Blowing up the "better city"

Two minutes of silence were observed in the city of London today for the anniversary of the 7/7 bombing attacks that killed 52 people last year. The city's moonbat mayor, Ken Livingstone, said that "London will never forget those we lost on July 7, 2005, and we will build a better city as the best way of remembering them."

Build a better city? No, Mayor Moron, the best way to remember them is to ensure that such a thing never happens again. You deport radical clerics who embrace Jihad, you arrest those who attempt to incite violence, and you monitor the mosques for signs of terrorist plots in the making. You make life difficult for the Islamofacists, instead of obsequiously rising in defense of them.

The Mayor's lunatic Islamoschmoozing in the days after the 7/7 attacks does nothing to appease the likes of those would would commit murder in the name of their religion, even over something as mild as a few stupid Muhammad cartoons. Remember these scenes from London earlier this year?

Sure, Mayor Livingstone, build your "better city" - even as you kowtow to those who would blow that city up.


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