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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

16 percent today - and tomorrow...?

Op-For points us to an opinion poll conducted in the UK, that shows one in six British Muslims believe the terrorists who conducted subway and bus bombings in London last July were motivated by a "just cause". Charlie at Op-For comments:

How can you be a citizen of a nation, and support attacks against it in any fashion?
I suppose the answer is that the 16% of the Muslim population in Britain have loyalties that lie outside the realm of traditional nation-state membership. A logical assumption from this is that this 16% buys in to the Al Qaeda idea of establishing a world-wide global caliphate, under Sharia law –and the best way to accomplish this is to kill some commuters in downtown London. This is a paradox for a free society: are people free to plot and support its overthrow and subversion by violent means?

While it is good that 5 out of 6 British Muslims do not believe that the terrorists' cause is just, 16% is still an astoundingly high number. Britain has to confront radical Islam directly and forcefully before it gains further traction in its Muslim community. Engaging in politically-correct "Islamoschmoozing" of the type we have recently seen in Canada will only embolden the Jihadists.


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