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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

McKinney and the Tupac Shakur Rap Defense

When a "belligerent, unreformed race-baiter, anti-Semite and homophobe" - who also happens to be your own father - tells you you're going too far, you should know you're in trouble. Will Cynthia McKinney take poppa's advice and chill the rhetoric a bit? Not a bloody chance in hell.

In any case, more details of McKinney's assault on a Capitol police officer emerged this week; i.e., that she struck the officer in his chest with a closed fist. There is also a report that McKinney has retained William Moffit as her defense counsel. Maybe Moffit can cut a deal for Cynthia like he did for Sami Al-Arian, the terror-supporting academic who has just pleaded guilty to raising funds for Islamic Jihad, the same wonderful folks that blew nine people to bits in Tel Aviv on Monday, and critically wounded a teenaged American tourist in the process.

At least Rep. McKinney isn't letting the controversy hamper her legislative agenda. "Mine is a Congressional office that is working for the people," Cynthia proclaims. Well yes, if you're a people named "Shakur". The one and only bill she has introduced all year is H.R. 4968, the "Tupac Shakur Records Release Act of 2006". The bill calls for the government to release all records "related to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur".

Way to work for the people, Cynthia. Of course if she's an ardent fan of the deceased hip hopper, it could explain her attitude towards police officers - Tupac did croon about the joys of droppin' cops with his glock, and sang of "punk police" getting "shot down".

Cop killer Ronald Ray Howard invoked the "Tupac Shakur Rap Defense" at his trial, so perhaps Moffit will employ that same defense for Cynthia and claim that Tupac's lyrics drove her to violence (although in the end that argument didn't work out very well for Howard).

Cynthia will probably skate even without the Tupac Defense, however. If McKinney does escape prosecution, the brain-dead voters of Georgia's 4th District will almost certainly re-elect her in November - that is, unless, the intrepid blogger Dignan can pull one of the biggest upsets in the history of politics...


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