MoonDawg's Den: Desert Fox, Part Deux?

MoonDawg's Den

Friday, April 14, 2006

Desert Fox, Part Deux?

The new milblog Op-For discusses what a U.S. military operation to degrade Iran's nuclear capabilities would likely involve, notwithstanding idiotic speculation that nuclear weapons might be deployed in such an operation. Rather, a Desert Fox type of air campaign is envisioned, involving hundreds of strike aircraft and cruise missiles. Our capability to launch such a devastating blow obviates any need for a nuclear option, says John at Op-For:
It never fails to amaze me that after a century of air power completely changing a millenium's worth of tactics, doctrine, and applying force on the battlefield we still underestimate the destructive capability of air war.

It is because our supremacy in air and space are so well defined that arguments over "nuclear bunker busters" and "OIF II" are completely irrelevant and moot. We can do the job without resorting to our last line of defense, nukes, or committing ground forces needed elsewhere to a new Iranian theatre, something both the West and the Iranians understand.


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