MoonDawg's Den: December 2005

MoonDawg's Den

Friday, December 30, 2005

Emerald Bowl a gem

Quite the pleasure it was to see hapless Georgia Tech humiliated in the Emerald Bowl by my father's alma mater, Utah. The Utes spanked the Rambling Wreck Bumbling Wretch 38-10, and it wasn't even that close. With a win by the Dawgs in the Sugar Bowl next week, we will be able to look forward to a full year of rewarding off-season gloating.

UPDATE: Ok, so the Sugar Bowl didn't go as I'd hoped, but it was still an entertaining game. Hats off to the Mountaineers and their fans.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Welcome to the Den

Although my blog won't officially be in business till Jan. 1st, I felt the need to put a post here to get things rolling. About the blog name - "Moon Dog" is an affectionate (I hope) nickname given to me by one Sgt. Major Jones, a formidable member of my training cadre at the State Defense Force Officer Candidate School in Macon.

How he came up with it, I don't know, but it beats "Moon Pie" which was one that I was stuck with years ago. "Dawg" replaces "Dog" to reflect my status as an avid UGA fan. Webster's defines a "Den" as:

1 the shelter or resting place of a wild animal (the foxes hid in their den until the bear left the area)
Synonyms burrow, hole, lair, lodge
Related Words nest
2 a place where a person goes to hide (an abandoned building that is often used as a den by the city's petty criminals) -- see HIDEOUT

You can decide for yourself whether this page qualifies as the lair of an untamed beast, the hideaway of a half-witted knave, or both - but the photo in the header should give at least give you a clear idea about what might usually be found in my Den...