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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Welcome to the Den

Although my blog won't officially be in business till Jan. 1st, I felt the need to put a post here to get things rolling. About the blog name - "Moon Dog" is an affectionate (I hope) nickname given to me by one Sgt. Major Jones, a formidable member of my training cadre at the State Defense Force Officer Candidate School in Macon.

How he came up with it, I don't know, but it beats "Moon Pie" which was one that I was stuck with years ago. "Dawg" replaces "Dog" to reflect my status as an avid UGA fan. Webster's defines a "Den" as:

1 the shelter or resting place of a wild animal (the foxes hid in their den until the bear left the area)
Synonyms burrow, hole, lair, lodge
Related Words nest
2 a place where a person goes to hide (an abandoned building that is often used as a den by the city's petty criminals) -- see HIDEOUT

You can decide for yourself whether this page qualifies as the lair of an untamed beast, the hideaway of a half-witted knave, or both - but the photo in the header should give at least give you a clear idea about what might usually be found in my Den...


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