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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Pyramid of Europastan

A few days ago the Overseas Security Advisory Council issued a presentation called 'Islamic Radicalization in Western Europe', which describes the "emerging threat" of homegrown radical Islamist cells (what OSAC calls "Resident Autonomous Cells"), composed of 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims recruited and trained within Western Europe. The presentation mainly covers what steps private sector organizations operating in Europe should do to protect their interests, but it also offers an interesting graphic that illustrates how the "radical identity" is created:

Apparently it all begins with "individual alienation" - which, one can argue, stems from the ill-conceived multicultural model that has been promoted by European governments. These 2nd and 3rd generation Muslim immigrants have not assimilated into their host countries, and thus do not define their personal identities in terms of their nationality. They grow up isolated within their own immigrant communities, and since they have little contact with the broader national culture, they have no allegiance to its values and norms.

As we go further up the pyramid, this "seclusion" contributes to the radicalization of the individual. One way to combat this is to aggresively promote - and defend - Western values, thus countering the lies of the Jihadist "gatekeepers". Else, the danger of Europe becoming Europastan increases as the Western European identity is weakened by suicidal multiculturalism. As the Italian legislator Marcello Pera said last year,

This issue concerns our identity and our will to defend it with all peaceful means, while this is possible, and with force if necessary, but first and foremost in full awareness that it is a great civilization and that its progress, in spite of the many faults and mistakes, is based on its own intellectual, cultural, political, moral principles, and not just on massacres, violence, aggression, as is claimed by those who fall into the propaganda trap set by Islamic fundamentalists.


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