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Monday, March 06, 2006

Check out "The Unit"

A friend and colleague in my state reserve unit just sent me an email saying there is some must-see TV on Tuesday night that I have to check out: a new series called "The Unit", about a covert Special Forces team. He tells me the series is being produced by a close family friend of his, Eric Haney, who was one of the founding members of Delta Force (my colleague was himself an SF operator back in the 70s). A review in Variety says "'The Unit' plays like 'Mission: Impossible' for the war-on-terror age, with the humanizing twist of simultaneously focusing on military wives who sweat out each mission at home, relying on each other for emotional support."

Another good reason to watch the show is that the lead character is being played by Dennis Haysbert, who did a great job playing President David Palmer on the series "24". So be sure and fire up the tube for "The Unit" on Tuesday night (Mar. 7) at 9:00pm.


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