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Friday, February 17, 2006

Border War

StrategyPage has more on last month's "invasion" by what apparently were Mexican Army troops working in concert with narco gangs:

When he first came into office President Vicente Fox wanted to reform the military and police. He made some inroads. The problem is that the illegal drug business has bought many police officers and perhaps even military units. For several years the officers in the US Border Patrol have complained that many of the narcotics gangs along the border have far heavier weapons than US police forces in the area.
And more:
Mexico forbids the possession of military-type weapons, but the drug gangs have the cash to buy any equipment they want. The Mexican government now says its soldiers will not come within 5.1 kilometers of the border "without proper authorization." This could mean several things. One thing it should mean is a "heads up" phone call to US police and military headquarters across the border in areas where Mexican troops will operate.
Again I say: it's time to deploy our own Army to the border with Mexico. It's one things for these bastards to go up against CBP officers and local law enforcement - it would be quite another thing for them to mess with U.S. Army mechanized infantry units backed by close air support attack helos.


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